What started like a mere thought between two young men from two separate continents eight years ago,  has turned into a mission in  Liberia. We are  working with high school teachers and educational institutions to conduct periodic subject mastery workshops for teachers across Liberia. Besides, we are also providing essential education supplies to improve the quality of teaching.


We believe in the power of education as a key catalyst to transform a country that has been hit by two dreadful crisis -  civil war and the Ebola Epidemic. Our projects are impact-driven and participatory from start to finish.


On this site, you will find more details on the projects  and how you can support. Welcome on board! Together we can impact lives in one of the poorest countries in West Africa. 




Impressions from our recent 2022 workshop on optics and photonics.Thanks a lot to Jackson Mahkoff and his Team from the Center for Science Education for their work and SPIE for financial support.