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According to the World Bank's 2016 Education Sector Analysis Report, 55,243 teachers in Liberia had the minimal credentials needed to teach as of 2016. This represents just over half of the total teaching workforce. In other words, approximately 50% of the teaching force in the country do not have the  minimal qualification to teach. The Helping Hands Network is trying to alter this course. We concentrate on these areas: professional development for teachers and other educators, the provision of necessary school supplies, the promotion of science education, and the elimination of barriers to effective teaching and learning. 


We support education. We believe every child in Liberia should have "a gift of a qualified teacher" in the classroom. We are aware of the influence a good teacher on a child's aspirations. We believe education can yield a nation that has seen a civil war, the Ebola epidemic, and the Covid-19 pandemic. You can learn more about our projects on this website.