We envision a world in which quality education for all students is driven by bold ideas and expert practices aimed at empowering teachers and creating enabling environment that supports teaching and learning quality.

Volunteer teacher workshop school liberia
Wilfred and the former Liberian Minister of Education, Mr. Joseph Bah


Our mission is to engage and transform societies through education. We develop, connect and mobilize teaching leaders to transform schools and communities. At the fulcrum of our mission is the golden world IMPACT which is summarized in our context below.

  • I - Integrity. We live with high standards of personal and collective honesty through our actions and inaction.
  • M - Motivation. We are motivated by the challenges in our project communities. Those are the root of what we do.
  • P - People. We believe the people we interact, work with and serve are our highest assets. So we try to serve         them with our best.
  • A -  Action. We act boldly. We learn and document the results of our actions. The will to act, do and learn more    
     is one of our greatest arsenal.
  • C-  Communicate. We communicate what we do to those who care about our work. We see communicating our results as a form of accountability to those we serve.
  • T - Treat. We treat our collaborators, communities and partners with respect. We consider their interests, views and contributions as the irreplaceable assets we can not trade for any other thing.
National Curriculum Mathematics Liberia
National Curriculum Mathematics