Our Mission of engaging and transforming societies through education is centered on one program - known and styled " Helping A School(HAS) Program.


Teacher Workshop 2010
Teacher Workshop 2010

The HAS Program has many interrelated projects with the overarching  goal of helping communities out of poverty through education. Below are highlights of the unique projects  of the HAS Program.


Providing Teaching Supplies
Providing Teaching Supplies

In early 2013, over 25,000 students took a joint University Entrance Examination for admission to the University of Liberia. Out of this number, not a single student made the required mark for admission into the University. Despite the many interpretations associated with the outcome of the Entrance Exams, to us that was a national disaster that needed attention. Before then, Liberia has suffered two disasters - a civil war and the Ebola outbreak. The civil war destroyed every fabric of the country. When peace return in the early 2000s, school were opened but no one needed any research to know that learning was not taking place in those buildings effectively. There were no libraries. Books and simple teaching and learning materials were luxuries and finding qualified teachers was an allusive dream. So, we made it our mission to contribute to these challenges by working with teachers to build their subject mastery skills. With this approach, we focus on the content of the curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education. The goal is  to help a teacher or 'would be teacher'  learn who to teach these contents with confident. We use volunteers from overseas - mainly  educators from Germany and USA to serve as facilitators. In early 2018, we signed an agreement with the University of Liberia to roll out these workshops to other parts of the country with the University serving as our main source of supply for the facilitators.

SOP - The Sciences and Outreach Project

The goal of the SOP is to increase enrollment for science subjects both in High Schools and colleges. The disparity in enrollment between sciences and humanities courses at the various colleges is alarming. Sometimes, in academic year, there would be over 1000 students in the business college and just 5 students in the science college at the University.  The contribution factors might be many. But this clearly call for a science outreaches to high schools in Liberia. We do this to stimulate the students interest in the science courses. Components of the Sciences out Reach Project.




Under project, we support  high school  and college students present science innovations.  the main motive is for the students to answer a question or task or make a discovery. We set-up science clubs in the schools. each club is assigned a mentor who serves as a resource person to the club. Each year, students from these clubs converge at a location to showcase their innovations and the winners walk away with prices. These events are also used as avenues to explain the importance of sciences to potential students.






Helping Hands Network (English) from 2H Network on Vimeo.






January: Together with CSE and support from SPIE, we organized an optics workshop for 15 teachers


August: We successfully completed the teacher workshop with 61 participants. Thank you very much for your support!

June: Fundraising for our Teacher Workshops this summer: GoFundMe

June: Helping Hands Co-Founder, J. Wilfred Zeon leaves for the USA to participate in the 2019 Mandela Washington Fellowship - an initiative funded  by the US State Department for  Young African Leaders . We are thrilled by this milestone! While in the USA, Wilfred will build network and showcase our work here in Liberia.

May: The IAU supports us with additional 500€.



December: The International Astronomical Union supports us with 2000€.

August: Meeting at University of Liberia



Wilfred's book "Furnished t 2 Furnished" to be relaeased soon: https://jwilfredzeon.villagetales.com

Teacher Workshop, August 2019

Meeting with representatives of the Department of Math, Physics, and of the Liberian Science Foundation.


School Experiments project completed (Oct 2016).

Workshop 2014
Workshop 2014


“We as teachers need this training every year.”

“I want to thank god for this training. May god bless you for this.”

“I pray that this will not be the first and last time. God bless 2H Net.”

“I love the training and hope to see such a training again.”

“I wish to attend another workshop with your organization.”

“I thank God for every minute and hour for this workshop and hope it can be repeated.”

“I appreciate the workshop and pray that you cover the entire Liberia.”

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